Fountain Centre Fashion Show

Who says you can’t mix glitz, glam, and good deeds? Friday the 22nd of September, your incredible support helped us create a magical night at the Guildford Harbour Hotel. A night where fashion and charity coalesced, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Fountain Centre in style.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the shimmering spectacle that Elphicks laid out. Their latest trends and cosmetics on display not only elevated the evening, but also lit up the runway in ways we couldn’t have imagined. A standing ovation is in order to them for making the night unforgettable.

But the real stars of the show? Our special line-up of models. Current and former cancer patients, radiant with strength and resilience, graced the runway like no other. They embodied the spirit of courage and hope, shining brighter than any diamond. Oh, and let’s not forget the firemen, adding their own unique sparkle to the show!

Through your presence and your generosity, you’ve not only supported the Fountain Centre, but you’ve also offered hope and strength to many battling cancer. Your contribution has been invaluable in making this night memorable, impactful, and yes, fun too!

As the night drew to a close, we looked out at the sea of shining faces, filled with joy and satisfaction. The night wasn’t just about fashion or charity, but about coming together and making a difference.

Looking forward to making more such memories with you. Thank you, once again, for your incredible support.

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